As Ready as We'll Ever Be... Bring it On:

At this point, we’ve done almost everything we possibly can to complete our Plan and we’re Ready. Hopefully along the way we’ve made good friend, earned good allies, and learned a lot. I’m sure we’re better people today than we were when we began. 

Stage 5 is all about community. None of us are movie heroes, we are nothing without our families and our communities. I’m certain that during a crisis, the good people of the word will come together, and those who have planned properly will come together quicker than those who didn’t plan, but if we are lucky enough to be able to have a prepared community that is ready before the crisis then our lives are that much more blessed and the survival of our loved ones is that much more certain.  

Stage 5:

  • Community: We reside in a small, well knit community, whose citizens share similar work ethics and values as we do
  • Community: Our small settlement is comprised of approximately 200-500 persons
  • Community: The land is fertile and the climate is temperate, with abundant fresh water and is surrounded by natural forests for foraging and game hunting
  • Community: Everyone in our community has some type of beneficial skill
  • Community: The laws and rules are clear and politicians understand that they exist to serve the people, not visa versa
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