About the Site:

  • BeReadyPlanner.com is dedicated to helping you plan to survive a Grid Down scenario. 
  • Why do we focus on ‘Grid Down’ and not pandemic, or civil war, or alien invasion, or zombies, or something else?… the answer is simple: We have come to realize over our years of ‘prepping’ that if you are prepared to endure an extended period of time without power, which means living without resupply of food, water, and medicine, and being able to survive the seasonal extremes of your region, as well as being able to avoid being cannibalized by your starving neighbors, then you are ready to face any hardship and crisis whatever the News Headline reads. Ultimately, Grid Down could be triggered by any number of causes, but the total loss of power is the inevitable punchline for all of them. 
  • Our primary goals is to provide a simple yet comprehensive plan, in order to help our members and friends achieve a well-rounded, balanced and robust level of preparedness. Armed with a solid and well-thought out plan, we can avoid one of the most common pitfalls in preparedness plans, which is our tendency to hyper-focus on any one type of preparation item/skill/tool. 
  • The idea for this site began from our own introspective look into our own preps in an effort to reveal our own deficiencies. Eventually, the idea became developed enough that we thought we could do some good by sharing the framework, so that others could benefit from it as well.
  • Access to this site and its planning tools are completely free, registering simply allows members to save their progress from visit to visit (this is a Work in Progress… currently the tools are in development)
  • The site does use affiliate links to our partners. Clicking on the affiliate link will not increase the cost of the product or service to you, but it may provide us with a small compensation from our affiliate if you make a purchase… this helps us ‘keep the lights on’ so that we can reach more members and help more of our community to prepare… the bottom line is, the more preppers there are, then less cannibals there will be. Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback with us, and for sharing this site with your friends !
  • We will never share or sell any information our members share with us. The information from our registration process and the tools and calculators that you use while visiting this site will remain private to BeReadyPlanner
  • We will not send you advertisements or solicitation emails 

About Us:

We are a team of family and close friends. We are average people with regular jobs and normal lives enduring everyday challenges, and occasionally we’re rewarded with modest victories.

We reside within the New England region, where we enjoy our 4 seasons and moderate climate.  

Life is good, and we are enjoying every day that the sun rises on our current life of comfort.  

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