Essential first steps, the basics, the fundamentals:

In this first phase of our plan we will create a solid foundation from which we will build more capabilities to extend our survival and go deeper into a Grid Down crisis, enhancing our independence and delaying our need for resupply. 

Stage 1 is more than just ‘a 72 hour bag‘, it is the groundwork for more….. plus a 72 hour bag.

Stage 1:

  • Food: 4 weeks of dried and canned foods (per person)
  • Food: Portable Hiking Stove (8 fuel containers)
  • Food: 16 Sterno canisters (backup for cooking)
  • Fire: Numerous Bic Lighters
  • Fire: Numerous Traditional Diamond Matches
  • First Aid: Extra OTC Medications (Advil, Benadryl, Imodium)
  • First Aid: IFAK (Bandaids, Burn Cream, Anti-biotic lotion, iodine)
  • Sanitation: 10 extra bars of soap
  • Sanitation: Extra dish detergent
  • Sanitation: Bleach (gallon)
  • Physical Fitness: Get in Shape. Endurance and Strength. (avoid bulking up)
  • Defense/Security: EDC kit (per adult)
  • Defense/Security: Handgun and Shotgun (per adult)
  • Defense/Security: Firearms Training (all adults)
  • Defense/Security: Ability to darken windows (light security)
  • Defense/Security: Car Battery Booster (mobility)
  • Defense/Security: Several Tire Repair Kits (mobility)
  • Navigation: Compass
  • Navigation: Maps for your state and neighboring states
  • Communications: GMRS Handheld Radio (per person)
  • Comms/Security: AM/FM/NOAA Radio (hand crank, solar, rechargeable)
  • Surveillance: Solar Bluetooth Driveway Alarm
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