Solid Capabilities are Estabished

After fleshing out the 3 previous stages we are becoming very capable of survival, and so for Phase 4 we begin to shift our focus from ‘Survive’ to ‘Thrive’. Herein there are big life changes, which will dramatically enhance our staying power and independence during a Grid Down crisis.¬†

Stage 4:

  • Water: Solar-Based Battery Generator Backup for home well pump (typically 240v)
    • Consider also that power to recharge the Batteries could come from Wind or Heat
  • Water: Distillation system for purifying ground water
  • Shelter: You live on a large plot of arable land, miles away from the ‘city limits’
  • Shelter: A small tractor, with front loader and backhoe
  • Shelter: Have learned how to fell trees and produce firewood by hand
  • First Aid: Further Training
  • First Aid: Additional Emergency Prescription Medical Kits (1 per person)
  • Sanitation: Have learned how to make your own soap from wood ash and tallow
  • Physical Fitness: Increase hiking difficulty by packing a 20 pound pack
  • Defense/Security: Thermal Rifle Scope
  • Defense/Security: 1000 sandbags
  • Defense/Security: Guard Dog
  • Communications: HAM Base Station¬†
  • Communications: Extra HAM License
  • Communications: Have made contact with distant states
  • Surveillance: Drone
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