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Tranquility cannot last. Challenging times are inevitable. 

We must Plan and Be Ready while we still enjoy peace…

This site aims to provide a balanced and phased approach to ‘self-sufficiency’ for newcomers, while also offering veterans a resource they can use to review their level of readiness and identify potential gaps in their preps. 



“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”
- Leon C. Megginson

A storm is brewing

Plan for the Worst, Pray for the Best

We are the most technologically advanced human society this planet has ever hosted. Our technologies give us strength and comfort in this modern world, but they are our Achilles Heal at the same time. We have increased our standard of living through efficiency and specialization, but these luxuries comes at the cost of our cultural memory for 'simple living'. When the electricity disappears, so does our advanced society.

Although we Pray it will never happen, we are planning to endure an extended Grid Down crisis.

Once the grocery store's are empty, and the milk and meat in our fridges have spoiled, most people in our advanced society will be forced into individual desperation... and then chaos will reign.

Any number of potential triggers or events would culminate into a Grid Down situation (War, Terrorism, EMP, CME). For we Americans, Grid Down would be a crisis of unimaginable terror and hardship. When the grid goes down, so does this great nation and her people.

“Cease to Hope and you will cease to Fear.”
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Accept the reality of what may happen, acknowledge that it is terrifying, take a deep breath, and then begin to do something about it

This site is not intended to create fear, but hoping that bad things won't happen will not save you once they do...
We begin this discussion with a description of what may happen, and we present evidence and discussion of the triggers, circumstances and results of a Grid Down crisis with the sole motivation of pushing our readers past the fear, through the acceptance stage, and into the action phases. For us, the actions are what we call the Planning Phases.

We Must Find Answers to these Tough Questions :

Without power.....
1. Where will our water come from?
2. What will we eat?
3. How will we heat our homes?
4. What will we do when we get sick and there is no doctor?
5. How will we protect ourselves, our home and our supplies?
6. How will we communicate amongst ourselves and with neighbors who are out of sight?
7. Which of our neighbors will be helpful, or which will become refugees and beggars?... or bandits?

Start Planning and Training

Below there are 5 stages of preparedness outlined. The stages are organized with the intention of providing a graduated approach to getting prepared for a Grid Down crisis. The content in the levels is flexible outline and should be adapted based on the individual’s needs and location. For instance, if you reside in the desert, you should probably prepare more water than suggested, or if you’re a resident of a northern state you should prioritize more heating for your home, whereas an urban dweller should probably get more defense items sooner… Use the list as a guideline, adapt and survive.  

Stage 1: Fundamentals

In this first level of the Plan we will lay a solid foundation from which we will build more capabilities. In many ways the idea of the leveling system represents the time we can expect to go before requiring help, but it is not focused on the duration itself. Using this philosophy we can walk our way into a balanced approach of preparedness, and avoid the tendency for us humans to hyper-focus on any one preparation category (for instance, stocking a year's worth of food, but neglecting health or security)
Level 1 is more than just assembling 'a 72 hour bag', it is the groundwork from which you will expand.

Stage 2: Foundation

In Level 2 we are expanding our capabilities rapidly, further extending the time we can make it without resupply, and greatly enhancing our medical preparations as well as our communications equipment, helping us be ready to survive through serious illness and also be more capable of reaching out to other survivors who may be out of our line of sight.

Stage 3: Reaching Further

At Level 3 we are really catching our stride. Many of the low-level basics are covered and now we’re able to push capabilities in certain focus areas and really strengthen our Plan.

Stage 4: Solid Capabilities

After fleshing out the 3 previous levels we are becoming very capable of survival, and so for Level 4 we begin to shift our focus from ‘Survive’ to ‘Thrive’. Herein there are big life changes, which will dramatically enhance our staying power and independence during a Grid Down crisis.

Stage 5: Bring it On

At this point, we’ve done almost everything we possibly can to complete our Plan and we’re as Ready as we can be. Hopefully along the way we’ve made good friend, earned strong allies, and grown our knowledge. I’m sure we’re better people today than we were when we began because we've got the gear, we've improved ourselves and we're not alone in our endeavors. Phase 5 is all about community.

Dig Deeper

It is impossible to predict the future and to know exactly what kind of crisis we will face. But preparing for a Grid Down scenario will enable us to be ready for any other multitude of emergencies. All we can do is study and speculate, and then create a Plan for ourselves and our families, such that we have tilted the probabilities to be more in our favor.

Follow the link below to access our compilation of resources and knowledge to educate yourself. 

More people planning today will result in less victims later.

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