Building a Solid Foundation

In Stage 2 we are expanding our capabilities rapidly, further extending the time we can make it without resupply, and greatly enhancing our medical preparations as well as our communications equipment, helping us be ready to survive through serious illness and also be more capable of reaching out to other survivors who may be out of our line of sight. 

Stage 2:

  • Food: 8 weeks of dried and canned foods (per person)
  • Food: 2-Burner propane camping stove (16 fuel containers)
  • Food: 32 Sterno canisters (backup for cooking)
  • Shelter: Ability to heat home without electricity for 8 weeks
  • Shelter: Hand tools for construction, repair, expansion (gonna need an outhouse!)
  • Shelter: Several hundred common-sized framing nails and screws
  • Shelter: Oil Lanterns
  • First Aid: Emergency Prescription Medical Kit (example: Jase Case)
  • First Aid: Basic Biohazard Safety Equipment (N95 Masks, Latex Gloves, Respirator, Tyvek oversuit)
  • First Aid: Bleed Stopper Gel
  • First Aid: First Responder Training
  • First Aid: Wilderness Survival Training
  • First Aid: Basic Medical Literature
  • Sanitation: Chlorine Tablets
  • Physical Fitness: Walk 1 mile and do 30 minutes of resistance training, 3 times per week
  • Defense/Security: Solar Powered Motion Lights (visible ‘trip wire’ for perimeter security)
  • Defense/Security: Intermediate Firearms Training
  • Defense/Security: Silver Bullion
  • Defense/Security: Surplus Alcohol (for trade)
  • Defense/Security: 4WD vehicle with good ground clearance
  • Navigation: Compass
  • Navigation: Maps for your state and neighboring states
  • Communications: Handheld HAM Radio (per person)
  • Communication: HAM Technician’s License 
  • Surveillance: Basic Drone for Observation (eyes in the sky)
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