Building Upwards, Reaching Further:

In Stage 3 we are really catching our stride. Many of the low-level basics are covered and now we’re able to push capabilities in certain focus areas and really strengthen our Plan.

Stage 3:

  • Food: 12 weeks of dried and canned foods (per person)
  • Food: Seeds for planting (Heirloom and Organic)
  • Food: Training for Hunting 
  • Food: Traps and Snares for small game
  • Food: Air Rifle for hunting small game
  • Food: Wood Burning Cooking Stove (wood stove or fireplace)
  • Food: Cast Iron Cookware 
  • Shelter: Ability to heat home without electricity for 8 weeks
  • Shelter: Solar-powered Backup Battery Generator (120v)
  • Barter Item: Case of Vodka, Rum, and Whiskey
  • First Aid: Additional Prescription Medication Kit
  • First Aid: Dental Implements
  • First Aid: Training for more major injuries and conditions
  • Physical Fitness: In addition to walking and lifting weekly, add 1 hiking trip per month
  • Defense/Security: Modern Sporting Rifle with Optic
  • Defense/Security: 10 magazines for MSR
  • Defense/Security: Cleaning kit for MSR
  • Defense/Security: Spare Parts for MSR
  • Defense/Security: 1000 rounds of ammunition
  • Defense/Security: Carbine Training
  • Defense/Security: Tire Chains for your 4WD vehicle
  • Defense/Security: Battery Booster
  • Communications: HAM Radio for your truck
  • Communications: General HAM License 
  • Surveillance: High Power Spotting Scope 
  • Misc: Take the time to get to know your neighbors. Find the like-minded people in your community. Identify the neighbors who could become troublesome. 
  • Misc: Use your HAM comms to reach out and gently probe for people in other communities who could be allies and news sources.  
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