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In this section we review books which we believe summarizes essential knowledge for life after grid down.

Our Thoughts:

I bought this book decades ago, and it has provided me many years of enjoyment. I could still thumb through it and find new details I to catch my eye, or re-learn the details I’ve forgotten. 

The breadth of the material covers so many ‘Homesteading’ type topics that its impossible to summarize them all here, so I won’t try, but suffice it to say that the breadth is extensive. Some might nitpick that it lacks depth on certain topics, which is a valid observation, but that’s not the intent of this encyclopedia. I believe that this resource goes into sufficient detail for each topic to serve as a good foundation to either begin experimenting on your own, or enough information to learn which topics you need to dive into more thoroughly before you begin experimenting. 

Highly recommended for a new’ish prepper or homesteader, or those considering taking the plunge. Still valuable to veterans of prepping and homesteading since nobody can be an expert at everything. 


Mostly just books and stories we hope never come true.

Our Thoughts:

Forstchen sets off to prove a point in this book, and he does so with riveting intensity and page-turning brutality.

The point he is making is the potential violent consequences of our continued and ludicrous lack of protection for our most innocent treasures, our children.

He describes a completely plausible and terrible attack on America by our enemies, where our enemies take advantage of our political division and stalemate on topics like school security and border security.
Unfortunately, the people who most need to read this story would never do so and the lesson won’t be learned by those who are too terrified of the concept of violence to remove their head from the sand.
This book is a fast read. It’s almost impossible to put down. It is graphic and not for the feint of heart, but it will certainly steel your resolve.

Our Thoughts coming soon; currently reading…. and so far, so good. 

Nonfiction / Historical


Again…. Mostly books and stories we (really) hope never come true.

Our Thoughts:

This is an exciting novel of apocalyptic fiction with a strong military undertone. It is an easy page turner and it never lost my attention for lack of excitement or interesting detail. There was no serious effort to invest the reader into the personalities of the protagonists, but it wasn’t necessary and I didn’t miss the character development, I enjoyed the story for its straightforward ability to tell an action-packed and suspenseful story of survival. 
I particularly enjoyed the plausibility of the infection, the infected weren’t undead and reanimated corpses, they were just ravaged by a disease which made them go mad with RAGE.
Also, and who could ask for a better backdrop than NYC for a ground level view of armeghedon . Character development wasn’t extensive, but this story was about the story and the action and not the protagonists within it.


A section devoted to some of the magazines and periodicals we believe have useful information.

Our Thoughts:

Backwoods Home and Self Reliance magazines are both great periodicals for those who enjoy homesteading, the simple ways, and traditional values. 
They have great articles on animal husbandry as well as techniques for successful vegetable gardening, recipes for normal people, and other topics including firearms safety and the virtues of freedom. 

1. Book Reviews

  • Fiction – Societal Collapse, Terrorism, Dystopia
  • Fiction – Science Fiction (asteroids), Zombies
  • Non-Fiction – Historical Accounts
  • Instructional – Homesteading, Home Brewing, Canning
  • Instructional – Informational Resources (Medical, Communications, Navigation) 

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